A Mountain Climbing Insurance Agent thoughts on Risk

IMG_1280I just finished another unsuccessful ascent of Rainier. It’s not my first time having to turn back but this was not your normal run­-of-the-mill route (Curtis Ridge). It is a toughie and apparently outside the skill level for my partner and I to climb it safely. Oh well, but like Clint Eastwood said “A man has got to know his limitations.”

The month of May saw several climbing deaths. The biggest name was Dean Potter. He was considered a Yosemite legend. He died in a BASE jumping accident. Another climber dies in a rappelling accident on El Capitan. Many say these risks are too great and accidents from ‘certain death activities’ should not take anyone by surprise.

What does that have to do with insurance?

Well….outside of the obvious: if you have an extreme or dangerous hobby you need life insurance. Climbing accidents should be a different kind of reminder. We are all at a substantial risk—every day—and do not even think about it.

Do you know the Traffic Deaths in May average over 3,100? Memorial Day Weekend alone: average 400 deaths according to The National Safety Council. Good climbers constantly train and practice their skills to reduce risks. However, anyone with a driver’s license can jump behind the wheel of a SUV after drinking a few beers. Everyone has had a lapse concentration and has swerved from their lane. To me, as an insurance professional, that is a much bigger risk.

My point: talk to your insurance agent about the pros and cons of life insurance and Disability Insurance. If something happens to you, do you want your burial costs covered, your family to have a roof over their head or do you want to leave money behind for your favorite charity? You might not engage in extreme sports but the risk of premature death is still very real every time you are in a car.