Auto Insurance – Soloman Insurance

At the Soloman Insurance Agency, an insurance expert (Sue or Scott) will walk you through any scenario. We will make sure you have the amount of protection you need and desire.Remember, the worst time to discover that you don’t have adequate protection is after you have been in a car accident. Wherever you live, University Place, Tacoma, Olympia or anywhere East or West of the Cascade Mountains, we’re here for you.

Our passion is serving families all over the beautiful State of Washington.

PS: We also can offer coverage in the States of Oregon and Arizona.

No matter who you are or the type of cars you drive we have you covered.

  • No Tickets or Accidents: Great that will decrease your premiums
  • Some (or even a lot of) Tickets and Accidents: Let us make sure you have the right company….It makes all the difference in the world
  • Have a Classic car or several of them: We have policies tailor-made for your baby(ies).

Preferred Markets

The better your Driving Record, the more companies want your business. Which company will be the best coverage and the best rate? We cannot say until we research all of them.

Non-Standard Markets

Doesn’t that term ‘Substandard’ bother you? It does us but we will treat you exactly like our Preferred Clients with an ‘active’ driving record. We monitor when things ‘drop off’ your driving record and move you into the preferred market as soon as we can.

Classic Cars (and Boats)

The Classic Car and Boat policy is the only way to go. We offer specific coverages like Flat Bed towing, Occasional Use (regardless of miles driven), and coverage for Parts, tools and memorabilia you cannot get with normal policies.

Take us for a Test Drive!

As an independent insurance agency, we have many different insurance companies to pick from.  Let us do the research and give you several choices. We take it one step further than most: We will show you several options within each company! For example, sometimes there is very little difference between a $1,000 deductible over a $500 deductible….Most insurance agents do not share with you the price difference. But in the event of a claim that can make all the difference in the world to YOU.